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  • When an administrator is newly invited to Rallybound but already has a Neon One account, they now receive an email informing them that they've been added to a new Rallybound organization (as opposed to prompting them to create their account).

  • Fixed an issue that was causing fundraisers to be redirected to their fundraising page (instead of the Fundraiser Dashboard) after completing the fundraiser startup guide in certain scenarios.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some inconsistencies between some reports and their All Campaigns counterparts.

  • We now include proper translation for French and Spanish on impact cards and some of the countdown widgets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused mobile pay to only appear when recurring is selected, when mobile pay is configured with WePay.


  • Endurance progress columns will be added to registrant and team reports.
  • Connected Social Accounts column will be removed from reports.