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New and Exciting!

Endurance Reports
Endurance columns have been added to user and team reports for campaigns with an active Endurance Challenge.

  • Affected reports are:
    • Fundraisers with Donation and Contact Summary
    • Registrants with Reg Fields, Donation and Contacts Summary
    • Teams with Summary
  • New columns include:
    • Endurance goal amount
    • Total progress amount
    • Total distance
    • Total duration
    • Activity count

Labels, Multi-Language and New Tab Options in Site Builder
Site Builder updates:

  1. Administrators can now add labels to navigation items in Site Builder.
  2. Navigation and button items can now be configured to open in a new window.
  3. Navigation and button item labels can be added in multiple languages.

Activating these options requires a template update — please contact us to enable.


  • The donate button on the donation lightbox now displays a loading animation when clicked.
  • Significantly improved performance of various common sprocket API endpoints.

  • The tribute notification message has been wrapped in a Liquid "if statement" in the Donation Tribute Notification autoresponder, so that the message intro text only appears when the donor entered a message.


  • The Connected Social Accounts column was removed from reports.

  • Required custom fields in the tribute section of the donation form are now validated correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Send Email" button in the Fundraiser Dashboard > Reports tab not to work for Team Captains, when viewed on mobile.
  • The "Load more" link on campaign list pages no longer shows once all results are loaded.
  • We removed associated endurance data from deleted registrants in various places in the system.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the donation page to not recognize a configured processor in a certain scenario.


  • Team Captains will be able to update their team name and/or team fundraising goal in the My Team tab in their Dashboard.