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Blog from November, 2020

December 2, 2020

New and Exciting!

Scheduled Reports
Administrators can now schedule reports to be sent as a CSV file to a specified email (or preconfigured Dropbox account) on a recurring basis. All administrators can take advantage of this feature effective immediately on select reports. The feature can be accessed within supported reports (or a saved version of a supported report) by clicking "Schedule Report" in the report button menu. Supported reports include the "Donations" and "Registrants with Reg Fields, Donation and Contacts Summary" reports. Click here to read more about this new feature.


  • Administrators can now add descriptions to field options in the Role Registration Builder. Add a description by clicking the ellipses icon on dropdown and multiselect field options.

  • The "Pay to" text in the Apple Pay modal now displays the organization name and is customizable.
  • Administrators can now add images in Admin dictionary terms.


  • When a donor enters their name and/or email address and donates via a third party service like PayPal or Apple Pay, we now store the entered information instead of that provided by the third party.

  • Fundraisers uploaded without a first or last name will now sync correctly to NeonCRM as companies.
  • Syncing of donation recipient can now be disabled in the NeonCRM integration if that is not available in the corresponding NeonCRM instance. This can improve sync times.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented syncing of Strava activities that have segments.

  • Updated the multi-language switch font on certain templates.
November 25, 2020

New and Exciting!

Livestream Overlays
Livestreamers and video producers can now include a fundraising overlay in their video productions! Click here to learn all about our video overlay feature.


  • Administrators can now create and edit donation amount buttons on campaigns for which the default currency is not USD.

  • A country dropdown field has been added to the Admin billing form (when integrating with own gateway).

  • Fixed an issue recently introduced that hid the front-end "Enable Editing" buttons on embedded forms.

November 18, 2020

New and Exciting!

We have released our brand new livestream features for administrators and fundraisers! Features include:

The livestream feature-set is a paid upgrade. To configure livestreaming for your organization, please contact our customer success team at


  • Administrators can now delete fundraisers who are on a team without removing them from their team first.

  • Added a "basic" parameter to the donation API endpoint, which excludes the donation recipient's donations in the response.


  • Fixed some saved reports that were not working.


  • Administrators will be able to schedule recurring reports.
November 11, 2020


  • Added a new permission list item, called "Integrations", that controls access to the Organization > Integrations tab.


  • Corrected some Sprocket endpoints to return CRM value when present on custom fields. Affects donations, teams, purchases, and causes.

  • The amount raised listed on the circular progress bar (in Template 3) now reflects the campaign's default currency.
  • Search results in the Admin no longer persist after navigating away.
  • We now pass to NeonCRM a transaction’s payment date (not entry date) when the two dates differ.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented registrations from syncing to NeonCRM in some scenarios.
  • Users are now always synced to individual accounts in NeonCRM, except for company donations entered in the Admin without a first and last name.