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New and Exciting!

Boundless Motion Integration
Administrators can now configure Endurance Challenges to import activities from the Boundless Motion app. Please contact us to configure this integration.


  • The recipient selector now appears in the livestream donation form on the campaign homepage.

  • Overlays can now be configured to only display donations greater than a specified minimum using the URL parameter "mindonation".

  • Endurance Challenge name and custom metric now support multi-language translations.

  • When an Endurance Challenge is configured to disallow participants from entering activities manually, the ability to delete activities is also disabled. Participants should delete any activities as appropriate in the app from which they were imported; the deletion will be reflected in the Rallybound campaign automatically.


  • Styles on the donation lightbox button have been slightly modified to avoid overlapping text/icons.

  • We made some slight style improvements to the livestream donation form.

  • The message displayed in the recent donations list when there are no donations now disappears when the first donation comes in.


  • All field descriptions will be displayed under the field label (currently descriptions may not appear or appear as field placeholders on certain forms).