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New and Exciting!

Live Widgets
We have released brand new auto-refreshing progress and recent donations widgets! With the new widgets, site visitors can now view fundraising progress and recent donations without having to refresh the page. The new widgets have been added to your Site Builder widgets list, so to enable them on your campaign site, simply open the Site Builder widgets list and click the "eye" icon on the widgets you want to display!

The new widgets are:

  1. Fundraising Progress (Live): standard progress widget
  2. Progress Bars - Advanced (Live): fundraising + endurance progress widget
  3. Text + Circular Progress (Live): main page text + circular fundraising and endurance progress widget
  4. Recent Donations (Live): recent donations cards

Searchable Select Fields
We've added a "Searchable" field setting for dropdown and multi-select fields in Role Registration which allows users to search the field options when making a selection during the registration flow — especially useful for fields with many options. This feature is now available for all campaigns using Role Registration, in the Registration Builder.


  • The YouTube Live chat window can now be embedded in livestreams!

  • Ticket name and description now support multi-language. Please contact us to configure tickets in multiple languages.
  • Endurance progress fields have been added to the user record on campaigns configured with Detailed or Quick Registration.
  • Files larger than 25mb may no longer be uploaded to Rallybound's system.


  • Field description now displays on default and custom forms.
  • Description text that until now has been displayed as field placeholders have now been moved to the field description location under the field label.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Facebook Live videos from being embedded into livestreams if the URL wasn’t formatted a certain way.
  • Fixed a display issue on the donation plugin when more than one recurring interval is available.

  • The progress widget amount raised circle border color has been updated to match the section background color on certain templates.


  • Administrators will be able to upload a favicon via Site Builder.