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Rallybound is now Neon Fundraise!
Rallybound is now Neon Fundraise! Click here to learn more about our rebrand.

Fundraising Page End Date
Administrators can now allow fundraisers to set an end date for their fundraising page in Role Registration campaigns, which defines an end date for the fundraising page for triggers to be configured based on it (the fundraising page itself is unaffected by the end date). The end date field can be enabled in Registration Builder (click here for configuration details, under "Default Roles").


  • It is now possible to require fundraisers to agree to a waiver before embedding a livestream on their page. To configure this feature, please contact us.


  • Fixed certain Admin notification emails that were being sent with blank messages since 1/11/2021.


  • PayPal will be added as a payment option on the donation lightbox for campaigns that have PayPal enabled.

  • Fundraisers will be able to share a QR code that links to their fundraising page, under the Dashboard > Share tab.