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New and Exciting!

New Share Lightbox
We overhauled the share functionality available in the Fundraiser Dashboard. This update is immediately available for all fundraisers.

  • The dashboard Share tab has been removed.
  • A share button has been added next to the Donate button for logged-in users on their fundraising page/dashboard, and another share button has been added below the dashboard donations chart.
  • Both buttons trigger a newly designed, responsive share lightbox.
  • Added the page link with "Copy link" functionality.
  • A new generic "Share" button appears in the share lightbox when viewed on mobile, and triggers the native OS share module.
  • The QR code has been incorporated into a tab within the share lightbox, along with an additional "Share" button (on mobile) that triggers the native OS share module.
  • The "tab=share" URL parameter now opens the share lightbox.


  • Various Admin account-related pages have been redesigned to conform to our new Neon brand, including the create account and reset password page.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented administrators from signing up to Neon Pay through the Admin.
  • Fixed warnings when loading pages with the social shares widget if using a browser with privacy protections (e.g. Microsoft Edge on Windows).
  • The add livestream flow now correctly recognizes more invalid URL formats for Facebook Live videos.

  • User suffixes now properly limit to 20 characters in the Admin edit-contact form.

  • Updates to the Fundraiser Dashboard QR code:
    • Increased size of QR code image.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented downloading of the QR code on Android and IE10+.


  • Required tribute fields will no longer return a "field is required" error when the field is not visible on the form (for example, if it's in a collapsed section). Additionally, required fields will be validated without any user interaction if they are visible.

  • The "Schedule report" feature will be available on more reports, including Counts and Totals reports.
  • A "PDF Receipt ID" column will be added to Donations reports.