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New and Exciting!

More Scheduled Reports
Many more reports now support the "Schedule Reports" feature. The (non-exhaustive) list of newly supported reports includes:

  • Counts and Totals
  • Donation Amounts
  • Donors including registration fees
  • Donors (verified donations)
  • Endurance Activities
  • Form Submissions
  • Fundraisers with Donation and Contacts Summary
  • Fundraisers and Teams
  • Purchased Tickets
  • Recurring Donations
  • Salesforce Sync Donations
  • Teams with Summary
  • Transactions
  • User Accounts


  • A "PDF Receipt ID" column has been added to Donations reports.

  • We've introduced a new homepage widget and accompanying static page that promote fundraisers with an active livestream. Please contact us to enable these elements.
  • Updated Neon Pay branding that appears in the Admin to reflect the new Neon Pay brand.

  • Updated Neon CRM branding in the integrations tab to reflect the new Neon CRM brand.


  • Required tribute fields no longer return a "field is required" error when the field is not visible on the form (for example, if it's in a collapsed section). Additionally, required fields are now validated without any user interaction if they are visible.
  • We have fixed the Sprocket login flow and refreshed its design. Note: When refreshing an invalid refresh token our response is now a 403 response code with a key of "errorMessage" in the body (changed from a 400 response code with a key of "error" in the body). We recommend updating error handling and deserialization logic accordingly.
  • Campaign settings and terms now correctly copy from templates to newly created Champion Campaigns.
  • Fixed some uncommon issues when creating new administrator accounts.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong default text to appear in some editable areas on some multi-language sites.


  • For campaigns with an active Endurance Challenge, the /static/fundraiser-list page will begin to display endurance progress along with an accompanying sort filter.