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  • We've updated the Registration Builder interface for dropdown and multi-select fields with 250 or more field options. These changes allow the Registration Builder to function well even when there are many field options to load and process.

    1. Options are paginated at 50 per page. Navigate between the pages at the bottom of the options list.
    2. Reorder field options by modifying the order number to the left of the option (as opposed to the usual drag/drop method).
    3. Changes to the field don't take effect until the "Done" button is clicked at the top of the field.
  • Added "View all" link to the endurance leaderboard. Users can click the link to view a list of all participants in order of endurance progress completed.


  • The forgot password flow has been updated to prevent username enumeration.

  • Removed the link to find Facebook ID from the "Moderate Comments" lightbox. Users can find their Facebook ID here and similar sites.

  • Site Builder buttons now replicate correctly from campaign to campaign.


  • Global search results will updated to show categories in tabs at the top of search results, and results will be shown as cards.