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Major Updates

User Password Requirements
User passwords across most campaign sites now require at least 8 characters and one of each character type: uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character. For more on password security and configuration, please click here.

Fundraising History
The "My Campaigns" tab in the profile section has been renamed to "My Impact", in which fundraisers can now access total impact to their organization as well as past campaign information.

Global Search Sorting
Administrators can now filter global search results by relevant (displays results related to current Admin location first), recent, and alphabetical.

Liquid Timezone Filter
Liquid dates (including event date) can now be displayed with a timezone offset. For example, if the event date is entered in the Admin in Pacific time, on campaign websites and in emails the date can be output with a timezone offset that looks like: {{ Campaign.Event_Date | timezone: "America/New_York" | date: "%B %d, %Y, %l:%M %p" }}. This converts the event date/time to Eastern. For more on the new timezone filter, please click here.

Embedding Site Pages
Campaign sites and pages can no longer be embedded onto third party, non-whitelisted sites. By default, the organization’s website is whitelisted. To whitelist other sites, please contact support.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented changes to registrants who are on a team for campaigns configured with Detailed Registration.
  • Fixed an issue that caused form field option edits not to be saved on newly added options.
  • Endurance permission is no longer needed for access to the People tab.

  • We've improved triggering of the reCAPTCHA requirement.