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New and Exciting!

Participant Map Widget
We've released a new homepage widget that displays on a map the cities from which people are registering. To enable this widget, please contact support.


  • Added lang attribute in HTML container for all site pages.
  • Administrators can no longer disable the reset password automated email. The email contents can continue to be modified as usual.
  • Updated the display of the tickets used/available amounts in the Ticket Builder for clarity.
  • Apple Pay with processor 1st Pay now functions correctly on embedded donation pages.
  • International addresses now support zip codes with up to 10 characters.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented sorting on member lists (introduced 4/14/2021).

  • Fixed an issue that caused fundraiser cards to appear twice on the /static/find-a-page page.

  • Fixed a sorting issue on the /static/find-a-page page.

  • Various password error messages have been updated to reflect the new password requirements released two weeks ago.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain saved reports to fail when run a different campaign than originally configured.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some longer currency symbols to overlap amounts.
  • We've updated various areas of campaign sites to correctly use the campaign's default currency symbol (as opposed to "$") for campaigns with international currencies, including: Upcoming Event widget, Find-an-Event page, Fundraiser Cards widget, Find-a-page page, and Livestream cards.
  • Error messages now work correctly in Spanish.


  • In the Admin global search, all user results (donors, registrants) from the same user will be grouped under a single user card.

  • Endurance progress will be added to the static team list (where an endurance challenge is active); and a "view all" link, which directs to said page, will be added to the top endurance teams widget.

  • A new report will be added for Neon CRM clients that maps Donation IDs to their corresponding Neon CRM Donation IDs.