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New and Exciting!

Global Search Improvements
In the Admin global search, all user results (donors, registrants) from the same user are grouped under a single user card.

New Language: Portuguese
Portuguese is now a supported language in the Neon Fundraise system. To learn more about our multi-language support, click here.


  • Endurance progress has been added to the static team list (where an endurance challenge is active). A "view all" link, which directs to said page, has been added to the top endurance teams widget.
  • We've added a new report for Neon CRM clients that maps Donation IDs to their corresponding Neon CRM Donation IDs.


  • Fixed an issue that caused default team images to not render properly on the front end.
  • Character limit for custom URLs is now enforced in Role Registration and various other places, resolving some related bugs.


  • A new column will be added to Registrants reports which will display the ID of the primary user account on records of managed user accounts.
  • New settings will be added under Forms > Donation Settings to allow management of minimum and maximum donation amounts.