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  • A new column, called "PrimaryUserAccountID", has been added to Registrants reports. It displays the ID of the primary user account records of managed user accounts, allowing administrators to easily report on primary vs managed users.

  • New settings have been added to the Forms > Donation Settings list to allow configuration of:
    1. Minimum donation amount
    2. Maximum donation amount
  • The following additional settings also appear in Donation Settings, but only if they are supported by the configured processor (Neon Pay supports ACH transactions):
    1. ACH donations enabled
    2. Maximum ACH donation amount
    3. Apple Pay enabled
    4. Google Pay enabled
  • CyberSource processor now supports 3DS transactions.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some field values not to display in the registrant record in the Admin.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused a field to display another field's value in the Admin.


  • On campaigns configured with an Endurance Challenge, users who create teams will be prompted during registration to choose an endurance goal amount for their team.