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  • We've added a new "Video Gallery" widget that displays a carousel of videos from the site's video gallery. Contact us to enable this widget on your campaign site.

  • It is now possible to add custom tabs to the livestream sidebar. Contact us to add a custom tab.
  • Team information has been added to the Role Registration Confirmation email sent to administrators.
  • It is now possible to differentiate the tribute notification recipient email term from a campaign's global email term. Contact us if you'd like to make a customization like this.
  • In Dynamic Leaderboards, if multiple fundraisers are tied, the tiebreaker now goes to the fundraiser who reached the value first.


  • The "Not [user]?" link that appears on the donation page for logged in users now reloads the donation page.

  • National team social shares have been removed from the list of Social Shares in the Admin when national teams is not enabled for the organization.
  • We updated the error message when there is too much data in the User Activity Across Campaigns report, for clarity.

  • The currency symbol in the self-donate lightbox now reflects the campaign's default currency.


  • The homepage Facebook and Twitter share buttons default will be reverted to read "Share on Facebook/Twitter".