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New and Exciting!

Reports Tab Redesign
The Fundraiser Dashboard Reports tab has been completely redesigned with charts and stats and new grids that can be filtered and sorted.

New Media Widgets
We've added to Site Builder new "Photo Gallery" and "Video Gallery" widgets that display a carousel of photos and videos, respectively, from the campaign's Media Library.


  • Columns to identify national team associations have been added to the reports listed below (click here to learn more about our national teams feature). 
    • Teams with Summary
    • Fundraisers with Donation and Contacts Summary
    • Registrants with Reg Fields, Donations and Contacts Summary
  • The "Fundraising" tab in the Admin has been restructured a bit for clarity. Livestream settings and most settings previously in the "Advanced" sub-tab are now under a new "Fundraising Settings" sub-tab.
  • Campaign cards now display video thumbnails for campaigns and fundraising pages that feature videos in their banner area.

  • We've added a new "National Teams" report that lists all national teams in the organization with information such as name, URL, goal amount, amount raised, and team and members counts.

  • National team managers can now view national team charts and reports in their dashboard that appears on the national team page when logged in.
  • In the default text of the Join Team email, the "Contact team captain" text was wrapped in a liquid if statement so that it only appears when there is a team captain.
  • Updated the timezone tooltip in the Champion Campaign creation form for clarity.


  • Fixed an issue, introduced last week, that caused some placeholders not to appear in the placeholder popup for some email templates.

  • We've fixed some Fundraise settings permissions that previously required Website permissions.
  • Unicode characters are now supported in profile initials.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the My Info tab in the Fundraiser Dashboard to fail to load in some scenarios.