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New and Important

Site Builder Access
To increase security and modern browser compliance, Site Builder can only be accessed when navigating to the site from the Admin. To do so, in the Admin, navigate to the campaign in question, then click the "Site Builder" button in the header or sidebar (also available on the campaign card in the campaigns list). Click here to learn more.

Teams With Summary (All Campaigns) Report Change
A new column for "Event Date" has been added to the Teams with Summary (All Campaigns) report.


  • Administrators can opt to not generate and send a PDF receipt when creating a donation through the Admin, both in the donations grid and in bulk donation upload.
  • The registration form field "Select a Cause" is now required when enabled.


  • Fixed an issue that removed some HTML from fundraiser emails.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented registration submissions when there was a required multi-select field.

  • Fixed a display issue in the fundraiser Contact Book.

  • Fixed a bug where Transactions and Recurring plans would stay partially open when navigating back in the profile section.

  • Password validation for front-end users now returns more accurate error messages.