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New and Exciting!

Admin Email Redesign
We've released a complete redesign of the Email section in the Admin. Click here for the full list of improvements.

  1. Email templates can now be inherited through the entity system
  2. The Compose email flow is now accessed by clicking the red "Compose" button
  3. A new dynamic Preview interface
  4. Many grids and interfaces have been redesigned

Recurring Upgrade Notice
Administrators can add a notice to the donation form encouraging donors to upgrade their selected one-time donation to a recurring gift. Enable this feature under Forms > Donation Settings > Recurring Donations.


  • User information on Role Registration campaigns can now be updated via API.
  • Fixed an issue with syncing ACH payments to Neon CRM.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to not be synced to Mailchimp when exporting a report.
  • The font on Facebook SSO buttons can no longer be overridden via Site Builder.