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February 12, 2020


  • Administrators can now use the liquid placeholder object {{ Current_User }} in editable areas across the site. Use this placeholder to add content to be displayed only to the logged in user, and conditionally based on user information (including roles, custom fields, and more).
  • Additionally, we've added the donation object to editable areas in the post-donation thank you page. Use this placeholder to add content to be displayed conditionally based on donation information (including donation amount, custom fields, and more).


  • Payment methods associated with recurring plans are no longer automatically saved for reuse with one-click donations without explicit donor consent.
  • PDF Receipts can now be sent with recurring donation instance emails. To enable this, ensure the "Disabled" checkbox is unchecked in the relevant email.
  • The list of past Champion Campaigns now appears before the list of Champion templates in the create Champion campaign lightbox.
  • To comply with new WePay security requirements, campaign description is now sent to WePay along with every donation. As part of this, when creating Champion campaigns that are configured with WePay, the campaign description field is required.


  • Fixed an issue in which donor name was saved as billing name. This happened on donation forms for which there were two name fields (for first and last).
  • Fixed a bug that caused donations to not be marked as company contributions when donating through PayPal.
  • Words in Role Registration description no longer break mid-word.
  • Fixed the text size in the reCAPTCHA logo, which was displaying as a large font on some sites.
  • Name fields (when split into first and last name fields) now appear on a single line on campaign donation pages.
  • Refactored our Google Maps integration for better loading of multiple maps on a single page.


  • Payment methods associated with recurring plans will be displayed in the Donor Portal on the plan record itself. Donors will be able to swap the associated method out with a different saved method.
  • PDF conditional settings (opt in and minimum amount) will be removed from the Admin Panel.

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