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We are available by phone Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Support tickets, emails and voicemails will receive a response within one hour. After hours, weekends and holidays might take slightly longer. 


When submitting a request to the Rallybound Help Desk, including the following details will help to expedite response time:

  1. Campaign URL or ID
    1. If this applies to multiple campaigns let us know all campaigns or the group of campaigns these changes apply to. 
    2. The campaign URL can be the external URL (example below)
      Image Added

    3. Or the internal URL that is viewed when logging into your campaign admin. Using an internal link can be helpful if you're referring to all campaigns within a group. In the example below the URL directs our development team to all campaigns within the "Run/Walk Series" folder. 
      Image Added
    4. You can provide the Campaign ID. Below is one example of where you can find this. The Campaign ID can also be found within reports or the Campaign Admin (blue screen).
      Image Added

  2. Screenshot of issue. If possible call attention to the area you are referring to. This can be very simple with a "Snip" tool that will allow you to draw directly onto the image. 
    1. When images are copied they often break. We recommend saving and uploading the image as an attachment. 
  3. Explanation of what's happening
    1. Including the steps is helpful. Clients often have different configurations for different campaigns and so vague inquiries can create a delay in response. For example:
      1. "My form is not working." - Would create delays. 
      2. "Last year we had a custom form called "XYZ" in our Fundraisers Dashboard. When I relaunched Campaign ID 1234 the link exists but it takes to this page: - We would be able to start right away.
  4. Specific user record
    1. If the issue is specific to a registrant or donor record, provide the ID or email address. 
    2. If this is a fundraiser related issue, do we have permission to login as the fundraiser provided? OR can we create a test record to be deleted later?

Our goal is to expedite your response time. Following the format above will help us to do that.