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New and Exciting!

Redesigned Search
Global search results have been updated to show categories in tabs at the top of search results, and results are now designed as cards. More updates to follow in the next few weeks.


  • The editable area below the ticket standalone page has been removed from the front end. It continues to be editable from the Admin, under Forms > Customize > Page Section - Tickets Page - Below Form.

  • Livestream embeds no longer show on fundraising pages when livestreaming is disabled for the campaign.


  • Significant changes to the user profile section:
    • The "Profile" button in the profile dropdown will be renamed to "My Account".
    • The tabs in the user profile section will be reordered to give priority to the user's impact to the organization.
    • Fundraisers will be able to access past campaign information in both the user profile section and their fundraiser dashboard.
  • Administrators will be able to sort global search results.