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  • For the user, access to the site is restricted, keeping them locked into the registration interface until they complete their registration. The interface is completely clean except for a header bar which contains the organization name (this can be replaced by uploading an image to the campaign's Media Library > Mobile Image) and the user's profile dropdown, and the registration flow itself. If the user logs out or closes the browser window before completing registration, they can get back to where they were by going through the login flow.
  • In the Org Admin campaign list, the member count excludes Account Holders.In the Admin Panel > Registrants grid, all roles will be turned off for these registrants. In addition, under the Registration Type column, these users are marked with "Account" (and similarly in registrant reports). Sorting by this column in the admin panel will make it easy to identify which users did not complete their registration, which can be used to encourage these users to complete their registration. Get a similar result by unhiding the "Completed Registration" column, which identifies completed registrations with a true/false indicator.
  • Administrators can complete registration for Account Holders through the Admin Panel, with the ability to charge a registration fee when adding roles.