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RallyboundNeon Fundraise's trigger system allows administrators to create complex criteria based on which to send automated emails and award fundraiser badges. When used well, this allows for advanced levels of gamification among fundraisers and teams, as well as strong fundraising motivation with email drip campaigns. All this is based on RallyboundNeon Fundraise's trigger system, which includes a number of initiators and conditions, as outlined below.


Initiators are events that trigger an action, for example a donation (initiator) can trigger an automated email being sent (action). Below are all of the initiators in Rallyoundin Neon Fundraise's trigger system.



  • A specific date
  • Time since/to campaign end
  • Time since/to campaign start
  • Time since first [Registration], [Fundraiser Actions], or [Share Actions] initiator
  • Time since/to fundraising page end date
  • Time since/to Champion campaign end date
  • Time since/to Event Listing date


Any of the above Initiators, positive or negative, in any combination, may be used to limit the trigger. Triggers may also be limited by the Fundraising Goals listed below in more-than, less-than, equal-to, or in-range-of combinations. For example, "fundraised between $50 and $100" is a valid condition.


  • The fundraiser completes a specified amount of a given Challenge's endurance unit
  • The fundraiser completes a specified percent of their endurance goal
  • The fundraiser logs a specified number of endurance activities
    • This condition can be further limited by unit amount, to initiate a trigger once the fundraiser logs a certain number of activities which are all more than, less than, or equal to a certain unit amount.


Actions are the result of a trigger. Currently available actions include: