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  1. Log in to the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the entity (organization, group, or campaign) on which you'd like to create this templateconfigure this setting. Click here to learn more about inherited settings.
  3. Click the "Email" tab
  4. Click "Admin Templates" in the left sidebar
  5. Click "Add New Email Template" in below the top leftlist
  6. Enter name for the template
  7. Select whether to disable the email, and/or disable the header and footer (see Email Designer)
  8. Enter a subject for the template
  9. Compose the body of the messagea name, subject, and email body. Keep in mind the power of placeholders to personalize the email.
  10. Click "Save" at the bottomIf
  11. you'd like Click the "Preview" tab to see what the your email will look like, click "Test Email" at the top of the window, and an email will be sent to the administrator's email address.. In this interface, you can toggle the sample data used to see how the email will look in various scenarios.
  12. Click "Save" to save your template

Another way to create a template is by composing an email in "Compose" (see how-to) and clicking "Save Template" at the top of the windowinstead of sending.