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January 20, 2021

New and Exciting!

PayPal on Donation Lightbox
PayPal can now be offered as a payment option on the donation lightbox!

QR Codes
Fundraisers can now share a QR code that links to their fundraising page. Fundraisers can access their QR code in their dashboard, under the "Share" tab.


  • Fixed an alignment issue on the fundraiser dashboard chart tooltip.

  • A warning dialogue has been added when removing a paid role from a member.

  • Fixed an issue that showed the PayPal configuration as "pending" in the Admin interface instead of inactive, under certain circumstances.

  • If a donation does not have a "Payment Date", "Donation CreatedOn Date" will be synced as the value for the Neon CRM "Created Timestamp" field.


  • Tribute notification recipients entered in Neon Fundraise donations will sync to the Neon CRM acknowledgee field.

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