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Rallybound supports the creation of one or multiple Event Listings (sometimes referred to as "Causes") as part of a personal fundraising page for individuals or teams. Event Listings are an evolution of fundraising that is intended to increase team spirit and togetherness. It begins with an individual, or team, who decides to fundraise for your non-profit and creates a personal page with a unique URL to share with friends and family.

Details of an Event Listing (Solo):

An Event Listing can be anything your fundraiser can think of that will draw attention to the cause. Some creative examples include:

  • Hawaiian Luau
  • “Dress Down” Day
  • Bake Sale
  • Brunch or Dinner
  • Car Wash
  • Bowling
  • BBQ
  • Golf Day

Once your fundraiser has an idea in mind they will need to navigate to the appropriate “Events” section in their Fundraiser Dashboard (either the "My Events" tab for individual events or "My Team Events" for team-based activities). Once there, fundraisers can search for existing events or to create their own event.

To search for an event that already exists to add to their personal page, the following steps will need to be followed:

  1. Enter the event name into the search box.

  2. Select the appropriate event when it appears.

  3. Click the gray “Add” button, which will cause the button to flash blue.

The search feature is optional — it can be disabled for the campaign if so desired. Please note, if the feature is turned on, all Event Listings will appear, including events created by a solo fundraiser.

To add a new event, the following steps will need to be followed:

  1. Enter the chosen name of the event in the search box.

  2. Click the “CREATE NEW” text that appears to the far right of the search box.

  3. Enter event details in the pop-up that appears.

  4. Click the blue “Add” button.

The fundraiser will be able to view any events that are associated with their page through this tab. To remove an event, click the “x” in the right-hand corner of the event listing.

Event Listings will display on the personal or team fundraising page.

Team Event Listings

Team captains can create a team Event Listing in the same way an individual Event Listing would be created. The option to create a team event listing will only appear for team captains but once created it will appear on the team page as well as each team member’s page.

Event Listing Email Triggers

Two email triggers are available to work with Event Listings. They are:

  • An autoresponder can be configured to be sent to the fundraiser upon creation of the Event Listing. You will find this autoresponder in the Admin, under Email > Automated Emails > "Member Created Cause" and "Team Created Cause".

  • A custom email that is triggered on a specified date before or after the event can be configured. Please contact Rallybound support to set this up.

Allocation of fundraising dollars

If a personal or team fundraising page is associated with an Event Listing, any donation made to that fundraiser or team will be automatically allocated to the associated Event Listing. If a fundraiser has multiple events, the donation will be allocated to the soonest upcoming Event Listing.

This detail can be viewed through the donation report, which will display which event a donation is allocated to, or the “Causes” report, which will show how much money in total was allocated to an Event Listing.

An administrator can also pull up a donation individually to view, or modify, the allocation. This can be done through the Campaign Admin > Transactions > Donations tab. Once the donation has been chosen, the Event (Cause) allocation can be found under the “Donating To” section.


  • If a fundraiser removes an Event Listing from their page, it does not retroactively remove the event from the donations already submitted.

  • If an Event Listing is associated with a donation, the event cannot be deleted from the back-end (but it can be removed from the fundraiser’s page).

  • Admins can have a donation attributed to multiple Event Listings by entering the donation record, selecting “Edit”, going to Cause drop-down and holding “CTRL” while selecting related events/causes.