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Current Standard (not NPSP) Integration

Our standard tribute integration (not NPSP's Tribute Information section) will create a new Salesforce Contact with the Tribute Member's (the person to be notified) name and address or email and any custom mapping fields set to sync to a contact. We will then create an "Opportunity Contact Role" that links the Tribute Contact to the Opportunity that was made.


1. The client needs to fill in the field "Donation Tribute Role" in the admin. Integration Options >> Salesforce >> Optional Salesforce Settings >> Salesforce Opportunities / Donations

2. The client needs to add a Tribute Name field in the tribute form builder to be collected on the form.

3. Rallybound needs to set up "Field Natures" in the back-end for the name, email, and address to populate.

Non-Standard Integration

If a client rather not create a new Contact for the Tribute member, they should leave the "Donation Tribute Role" field in the admin blank and add whatever custom fields on the Opportunity and submit a mapping request to what information they want in those fields.

NPSP Integration

We don’t currently have direct integration with NPSP. Rallybound can map our data into specific individual fields in the Opportunity Tribute Information section. The "Donation Tribute Role" field in the admin should be left blank.

Fields in NPSP Tribute Information

A. Honoree Contact (the person being honored) - We cannot update.

B. Honoree Name - This should be mapped to the In Honor of field on the donation form or custom field.

C. Notification Message - This should be mapped to the Tribute Message.

D. Notification preference - This should be mapped to the Tribute Notification Type.

E. Notification Recipient Contact (person to be notified) - We cannot update.

F. Notification Recipient Information (email, address or both) - This should be mapped to the Tribute Notification Email or Address.

G. Notification Recipient Name (notification name override) - This should be mapped to the Tribute member's name.