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Donors can change the payment method associated with a recurring donation plan. This is useful if the credit card expires or otherwise is not usable, or if the donor wants to use a different credit card for their existing recurring plan for any reason. When the payment method is changed, the recurring plan continues charging every period as expected, but using the new payment method. Charge counts and totals tally the totals for the plan regardless of payment method.

To change a payment method associated with recurring plan, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your campaign
  2. Navigate to the Payments tab in the user profile section
    1. Click the profile image in the top right of the site
    2. Click "Profile"
    3. Click "Payments"
  3. Click "Recurring Plans"
  4. Select the desired donation plan
  5. Click "Change" above the payment method
  6. In the ensuing popup, enter your payment information:
    1. If you've previously saved payment methods when donating, you can choose one of your saved methods
    2. You also have the option to enter a credit card
    3. In some campaigns you may enter either a credit card or bank account
  7. Once your information has been entered, click "Save". Your payment method has been changed!

Please note that your plan will not necessarily charge your card immediately — rather the plan will continue charging on the next charge date.