How can we help?

  1. Log in to your campaign site. You will be redirected to the Fundraiser Dashboard.

  2. Option 1: select contacts in the Contact Book tab:
    1. Navigate to the “Contact Book” tab

    2. Select the contacts to which you'd like to send an email (click here for information about the contact book and importing contacts)

    3. Click “Actions”, then “Send” (this will take you to the Email page)

    4. To add more contacts, click “Add from contact book” and select more contacts
  3. Option 2: select contacts in the Email tab:
    1. Navigate to the "Email" tab

    2. Click "Add from contact book"
    3. In the ensuing lightbox, select the contacts to which you'd like to send an email
  4. To add contacts that aren’t in your contact book, enter the contact’s email address in the “Add Friends Manually” field, and click “Add Email"
  5. To view which contacts are being sent to, click “Add from contact book”

  6. Select a template if you’d like to send a preset email, or select “none” to type your own

  7. Type and edit the subject line and email content

    • To create a new template from the email you created (to be reused at a later time), click “Save Template”, enter Template name, and click “Save”

  8. Click “Send Email”

  9. Review your email (if you need to continue editing, select “Cancel”)

  10. Click “Send Emails”