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Do-it-yourself (“DIY”) or Personal Campaigns allow your supporters to conceive, fundraise, and plan a campaign or event of their own, to benefit your nonprofit. When inspiration strikes, your supporters now have the opportunity to give back to your cause via an initiative that they’ve organized independently from your official fundraising methods. They could be planning a birthday party with donations in lieu of gifts, an awareness campaign in honor of someone special, a private ticketed event for a community, or anything in between. With the flexibility and agency to run a campaign of their own making, your supporters will feel connected to your cause in a new way.

Your organization pours countless hours, days, and months planning official events, galas, and campaigns. By offering the opportunity for others to conceive and run their own fundraiser for your nonprofit, the organization adds a new, creative avenue for people to get involved and donate in a medium that highlights their personal connection to their cause. DIY fundraising adds the possibility for new revenue streams while drawing new supporters and awareness to your nonprofit through a peer-to-peer exchange that feels authentic and immediately impactful.

Using Rallybound, it’s easy to expand your fundraising capabilities with the Personal Campaign option. All it takes is one “Start Your Own Fundraiser Today” button to get it going. Let your supporters do the rest of the work of defining the kind of campaign they want to run, including setting their own goals. Rallybound makes it easy to personalize these pages with the ability to add photos, videos, and text. We know that the success of DIY fundraisers depends on mobilizing peer networks.

That’s why organizers and donors are immediately able to spread the word through social sharing capabilities, which post immediately to Facebook and Twitter. Organizers can communicate with their email contacts through their fundraising page and use pre-set templates to avoid the drag of repeatedly crafting the same email messaging. Fundraiser organizers can communicate directly with their contact lists through Rallybound and direct their network to a campaign that speaks to their experience and passion. Watch with fundraiser organizers as new donations come in and keep track of information about who is donating and which fundraisers are garnering attention.