Rallybound provides an easy way to change terms and language across your campaign but unless you know where the terms exist it's hard to know where to make updates. Below are the "Global" terms for Rallybound.


Global – Blog Term

Only applies if you are using Rallybound’s static blog feed, which means you will have to create a blog through the back-end and then link to the static page that is created.

By default, states “Blog”


Global – Captain Noun

The text for this term can be found on the “Team Page” as text that indicates who is the “Team Captain”. "Captain" can also be found within registration when someone is creating

a team. 

By default, states “Captain”



Global – Donation-Ticket Noun

The text for this term can be found if you are using the TICKET BUILDER for a P2P campaign.

By default, states “Ticket”



Global – Member Term

Refers to the term for a Fundraiser, which is someone who is registering for your campaign with the intent of raising money on behalf of your nonprofit.

By default, states “fundraiser”


Global – Member Term #2 (used in attendee context)

Refers to the term for someone who is physically attending your event (RSVP), If you are uncertain about that term please look up RSVP in our campaign dictionary.

By default, states “fundraiser”



Global – Platform Event/Campaign Term

Global – Platform Personal Fundraisers Term



Global – Pledge Term

Refers to the Fundraiser’s third offline donation entry.

By default, this states “Pledge”.

Global – Promote Email – Default Greeting Pre FirstName

Refers to how Fundraisers will greet their contacts once they select a template. 

By default, states “Dear”



Global – Promote Email – Text Used in Empty Email Template

When a Fundraisers goes to Promote via Email there will be a message in the body of their email. This is where you would modify that message. (This text will be replaced if they select a Template).

By default, states “Please visit my personal page {{User.Fundraising_Page}}

Global – Team Term

The “Team” term can be found within the registration form on the “Team Builder” step. The example below is detailed registration as this step has additional options related to joining or creating a team (shown) but the “team” term can also be found on quick reg.

The “Team” term can be found when a donor goes to the “Donate” page.

By default, states “team”



Global – Team Term in plural

The “Teams” term can be found on the “Team” leaderboard widget.

By default, states “teams”