Depending on the configuration, the Role Registration Flow allows users to choose not to fundraise for an event. The most common use for this feature is to allow users to register as attendees to a physical event without having to fundraise for that event. The following conventions apply to non-fundraisers:

  1. Non-fundraisers may not create a team, though they may join one. Administrators may still add non-fundraisers as team captains in the admin panel.
  2. Non-fundraisers do not receive a fundraising page or any fundraising tools.

The dashboard for non-fundraisers, accessible by the user once they log in, is a single page which contains: 

Non-fundraisers can add new registrants from their dashboard, but they cannot change their own Identity Card, nor can they add themselves as a fundraiser. However, administrators can convert a non-fundraiser to a fundraiser by adding the fundraiser role to a non-fundraiser in the registrant's record in admin panel.