Endurance Challenges is a great way to bring out fundraisers' best effort by engaging them in an endurance activity to help boost their advocacy and, in turn, increase their fundraising. Once a challenge has been configured on a campaign, fundraisers will see a new tab in their dashboard titled with the name of the challenge. Within that tab, fundraisers can edit their goal, log activities, or, if configured, connect a fitness app from which to import activities.

Which fitness apps available to connect is determined by what the administrator has enabled on the Endurance Challenge itself. Supported apps currently include Strava and Boundless Motion.

Connecting Strava

To connect to Strava, fundraisers click the "Connect with Strava" button on the left, after which they follow the ensuing flow to log into Strava with their existing Strava credentials, and then authorize the fundraising app to pull activities from Strava. Note: the default Strava app will be Rallybound-branded. If your organization has purchased a white-labeled solution, please contact us to white-label your Strava integration app as well.

Once Strava has been authorized, fundraisers are presented a lightbox within which they can configure their connection settings:

  1. Depending on the allowed activity types and settings configured on the Endurance Challenge (see here), fundraisers may be able to choose which activity types to import from Strava.
  2. Fundraisers can opt to auto-post to their fundraiser feed whenever an activity is imported.

If an organization is running multiple Endurance Challenges within their organization, each user will only have to sign into Strava once for the organization, but will have to connect each individual challenge (as appropriate) within that challenge's dashboard tab.

Importing Strava Activities

Once Strava has been connected, the campaign will import all activities dated after the connection was established for which the type matches the fundraiser's selection and the metric matches challenge's tracking metric. Imported activities are displayed in the activity log alongside manual entries, but have an additional Strava logo which links out to the same activity as presented in the fundraiser's Strava account.

Updating Strava Settings

At any time, fundraisers can click the "Strava Settings" button on the left to return to the settings lightbox to update their connection settings.

From this lightbox, they can also disconnect their Strava connection. Once disconnected, activities will no longer be imported. Existing activities will be retained. Note that disconnecting removes the connection only from the present challenge, but the user's account will still be connected on other challenges on the same or other campaigns in the organization. To disconnect an account from all campaigns entirely, users Revoke Access to the organization in their Strava account, under Settings > My Apps.

Boundless Motion

If an Endurance Challenge has been integrated with Boundless Motion, all relevant activities will be imported automatically from the connected Motion app for all fundraisers. Activities deleted in the Motion app will also be deleted from the Rallybound campaign.