With its livestream feature, Rallybound provides an integrated solution to embed livestreams into fundraiser pages with just a few clicks. This feature can be used to stream an endurance activity, a livestream game, a cooking show, and much more!

The livestream feature is a paid upgrade. To configure livestreaming for your organization, please contact our customer success team at clientsuccess@neonone.com.

Adding a Livestream to your Fundraising Page

Before setting up your livestream, please check out our comprehensive guide to livestreaming

Once you're ready to stream, follow the steps below to add your stream to your Rallybound fundraising page.

  1. Log in to your Fundraiser Dashboard
  2. Click "My Page" in the top navigation bar
  3. Scroll up and hover over your site banner to reveal your edit options
  4. Click "Add Livestream"
  5. Choose your streaming service and enter your associated handle or direct URL to your video
  6. Choose whether to embed the chat feature along with your stream. The chat feature is available for Twitch and YouTube streams.
    Note: the chat feature may be disabled by the administrator and my not be an option on your fundraising page.
  7. Click "Add Livestream"
  8. Reload the page to view your livestream!

Once the livestream is live, the banner area of your campaign page (and all the media in it) will be replaced with the Livestream Module. 

To remove the livestream and revert to the regular banner/carousel, log into your account and click the dropdown in the upper-left of your livestream. There, you’ll find the option to delete the livestream from your page.

Viewing a Livestream

Once your stream is live, visitors can watch your stream, view live progress, show or hide recent donations and chat (if enabled), and donate without ever leaving the stream.